Friday, March 30, 2007

My new toys

I just got myself some new tools for my models: some foam boards and a foam cutter... I hope to use them to make interesting bases but we have to see if I'll actually be able to get something off them! :P

While in Trento I also went to a very nice DIY store and stocked up with paints and a couple of large wooden bases. I got some Americana acrylics to try out and a pot of Sandstone textural acrylic. I wish I had this store down here in Naples but unfortunately I don't!
I do have a couple of DIY stores in town and they are also rather large but they don't carry any interesting material... well, at least from my point of view! :P

Now if I only could finish that damn skirt (Ryoufy Housen from Ikkitousen... why does she have to wear a tartan??!) I can move on and start preparing for the 2 contests we'll be having over at Hobbyfanatics toward the end of the year (yes, I do need a lot of time!).

Arrgh!! It sucks! Still a lot to learn about masking and airbrushing! 


  1. I know this is an old post but that does not look like any wire cutter I've ever seen. Looks more like some kind of tazer.

  2. Well, "wire cutter" is the wrong name, I guess you should call it "foam cutter".. I don't know what I was thinking, it must be because it cuts foeam through a hot wire.
    Anyway, I havn't used it yet but I used a larger version in prop making class in London and it was way cool to use it!


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