Thursday, March 29, 2007

And I'm back!

My little trip is over...
I didn't manage to do half the stuff I planned, but that's quite normal. No Austria and no villages in the valleys as it snowed a lot and traveling by car wasn't the safest thing to do. However I managed to spend some time with my bro and his lovely cats.... and to play a lot of videogames on his Xbox! ^_^

One day we went to this brewery and although I don't drink I couldn't resist and tasted some of my brother's beer (Forst)... well, I felt tipsy immediately! Good thing I wasn't the one driving (but I wouldn't have gone near any alcohol if I had to, I'm a very responsible driver!). Anyway, it was a very nice place, I tasted some Austrian Franks and a real Strudel (not the industrial kind).

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