Thursday, March 8, 2007

First Entry

Well, here I start this new task: being constant and keeping a nice, updated blog. The reason why I chose English as a language is because, although I'm actually Italian, I'm a member of a couple of international on-line communities. However my Italian friends are more then welcome to leave messages in the language of their choice between the two!^^

My main interest right now is modeling: this is a rather creative hobby I've been enjoying for the past 2 years and that is absorbing me completely. I am lucky enough to have a spare room in my apartment where I can mess up as much as I are a couple of shots of my workspace (warning: order maniacs, keep out for your own safety!) :

Later on I'll post photos of the few finished works I have and of the in-progress ones.


  1. ...lei scrive in scrivo in scampese...mamm e l' arc che burdell!!!...

  2. Great blog ... and cool that it is in english !! Although we've used the google translator has already!

    Keep up the good work, and keep me posted with any updates.

    Lots of love ... Gemma xxxx
    in sunny(not at the moment) Cornwall, England :-)

  3. Thanks Gemma! ^^
    Keep leaving your messages, you'll make me happy!
    I'll try the impossible to make it for the wedding, however I'm waiting for you and Jon here!
    Lots of love from (sometimes) sunny Italy! xxxxx

    Kekkosoul: burdell' o no scrivi comm' mamma t'ha fatt' e siamo a posto! TVB!

  4. Hello Misato-chan!! Welcome to the "Blogosphere," as they like to call it!

    (I need to remind myself to update mine more often... ) :D

    -Christopher, also seen online under the username "Sacred Blade Deimos" and the founder of Unholy Paladin Studios

  5. Hey Blade, that's you! ^_^
    Thanks for the welcome, I'll catch you on HF!


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