Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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E2046: Resin Model Store from Hong Kong

E2046 - The GK e-Shop


Pitanga, a dear friend and fellow modeler from Brasil



StayPuft is one of the best modelers I know and a true friend! He also works on commission.

Resin Creations


Denise is a fantastic lady who takes care of ferrets, many of them with serious health issues. The shelter is located in the state of Washington, too far away for me to visit but the web is a wonderful tool even because of reasons like this!
Donations are always welcome as the fuzzbutts need a lot of assistance and vets' bills are expensive.

Denise's Delightful dookers

1810 K Street SE, Auburn, Washington 98002
We are a non-profit, no-kill ferret shelter dedicated to
* the care of homeless ferrets
* placement into permanent loving homes
* hospice for the elderly, sick and terminally ill
* ferret education

ferretladee25@yahoo.com Phone: 253-797-9115


CafePress. an online store where you can get your own customized items like apparel, mugs, magnets and many others.

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