Friday, March 16, 2007

I need a break!

Ok, I admitt that this is an excuse to talk about my beloved Palinuro and to show some pretty photo I took there.
Palinuro is a very small village some 2 and 1/2 hours away (by car) from Naples, my hometown. There I've been spending most of my summer vacations and, since I now own a house there, also some weekends. During summer it's a lovely place but very, very crowded while during the rest of the year it's lonely and relaxing... pure balm for my soul.

I do wish I could live there permanently as I'm truly fed up with metropolies, especially with one with so many problems as Naples, but it'd be even harder to find work there so at the moment it's not possible... however I alway keep an eye on the job offers for that area too... who knows, I might get lucky for once!

Now just look at the photos and tell me if it's not a beautiful place... this is where my heart truly is!


  1. Looks beautiful over there. Wish I was in Palinuro instead of being in a winter wonder mess in NYC!

  2. Beautiful coastal town. Wish I was in Palinuro right now instead of being in a winter wonder mess in NYC!

  3. Hey G! You can come and visit any time you want! ^_^

  4. Wow....this place is like Heaven...
    So beautiful and calm...
    You're lucky for live near such nice place!! *_*

    (just loved the 5th pic *__* )

  5. The town looks really beautiful.I wish I can live in a place like this instead of living in HK that air pollution getting more serious every year~


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