Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meet Akira!

Here I introduce that pest of my cat, a 3 years old male named Akira (although we usually just call him "cat" or worse names! ^^)

He's a real witch cat, doesn't like to be cuddled, he bites, he scratches and he wakes up very early in the morning... then he decides we have to get up too since he's awake, so he opens doors and does all the tricks he learned to get us on our feet!

Sometimes I do wish he'd act like a sweet kitty at least an hour a week, but at the same time I sort of respect his wild attitude... I'd probably behave the same way were I a cat!

Oh and... did I mention that of late he only drinks from his own glass? A crystal glass, of course: mine is a classy cat! ^_^


  1. Wow...I just loved Akira!!! hehehe hi's a nice cat and a wild one ^^
    A have a female siamese cat, Kirara. She' tricky as yours...hehehe
    But we don't care....we love thos little flufy things...don't we?? :D

  2. Hi Pitanga! We absolutely do, how could we not? ^^
    Even when he drives me crazy it's enough for him to look at me and meow and I go "Oooh, you are so cute!!"
    So silly! ^_^

  3. Hello~Misato~Akira is so cute~Somehow I would like to keep a black cat,too. But now I'm keeping my dachshund so I can't keep cats now...^^

  4. Hey Alice! (Sophie? ^_^)
    dogs are great, it always was my dream to have one but in an apartment it's already complicated enough to keep a cat sometimes!
    Hope to see some photo of yours soon! ^^
    BTW, I stole the idea of the pet-clock from you, hope you don't mind!
    Later! ^^

  5. Cute cat! It must be great to live his life!!!

  6. It must be indeed, he always get his way!


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