Sunday, January 27, 2008


I got hold of one of my Grail Garage Kits!

If you've been long enough into this hobby you'll know that a Grail kit is essentially a kit you'd do (almost) anything for. One of mine is this Rei:

Which comes from this artwork:

It's no mystery, Evangelion is one of my fav anime but for sure I can't collect all the models available. But this one, although quite old (it dates back to 1998 I think) has always been my most wanted Rei.

And thanks to smoon, a friend from e2046 forum, I finally have it!

It cost quite a lot, but I think it was totally worth it! It's a huge figure, I actually don't know where I'm going to display it. And the cast is excellent! Just the face details are incredible. Too bad the hair is cast as one piece with the rest of the head though.

Now the hunts goes on for my other Grails, the FMP girls!

Why didn't new comments from Dec/Jan appear before?

Simply because I didn't receive the email notification.
And why didn't I receive it? Well, because I didn't update my new email addy into the notification section, but only into the general one. And to think that I thought nobody watched my cra...ehm, my entries anymore!

Gomenne! _(_ _)_

Asuka & Rei Angel WIP - part II

Mgrrrr! Rei is a nightmare! Let's say that, except for the resin which is nice and soft, the cast quality is only a little better than a Thai recast!
Too bad because this would be such an easy model!

Some of the seamlines are in places very hard to reach. Also, since this is a nude, and any connection line will be very visible, I decided to

2)do some putty work on the joints
3)paint over the putty
But the parts fit is terrible, especially at her legs!

It's nothing I can't handle, but it's still rather annoying because I planned on finishing this one in a couple of days, just like Asuka.
Well, at least I already painted face and hair and I quite like the end result!
Pics will follow because I don't have any atm!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally a base for my Angel Asuka! And for Rei too!

Now that I have also the matching Rei, I finally came up with an idea to display them both. Rei comes with a pillar of her own, but Asuka didn't, and my idea of making a sort of marble garden bench just never became true. But Rei's own pillar gave me this idea:

I got this display from a shop that sells aquarium material and I think it suits the girls nicely. Asuka doesn't sit properly unfortunately, since I tried to display her in a manner where her face isn't completely hidden. So she sits on the very edge, fine: what does she have wings for? ^_^ On the opposite, Rei's fit on the new pillar is perfect (she's missing her wings atm because I haven't pinned them yet!).
The nice thing about this is that I can use my spare pillar for a second Asuka, which will be a gift for a friend. For this one though, I have to repaint part of her back and buttocks; I also made in putty some of her small hair locks, so those will have to be repainted again. Rei needs some putty on her buttocks too, because the original pose has changed slightly and so I have to make them, ehm, rounder. I also need to close the original holes meant for pinning, since I drilled a new one (actually, 2, but I only used one so I have to close that too).
Now, the dilemma: should I finish the Asuka Santa first, or these 2? Typical me: I can never finish a project before starting a new one! Poor Morte and the FMP girls are patiently waiting too!

Friday, January 11, 2008

First post in 2008: greetings and news about another Wip!

I realized I didn't even wish you all a happy New Year... shame on me! Hope I'm still in time, after all we haven't even passed the middle of January... gomennasai! ^^'

Well, the year started with a very pleasant news, at least for me: I've joined the team of moderators on E2046 forum and I sure hope I'll be able to do as good a job as they've done so far.

You don't know the place yet? I don't believe it!

Ok then, click on the banners if you wanna visit there, but remember, you have to register to have access to the forum!
E2046 Community

E2046 - The GK e-Shop

Now, talking about E2046, I'm posting there a Wip regarding Asuka Santa. The Wip is actually about the base as I'm trying to make a very small snowy vignette. If you care to have a look here is the link:

And here is a sneak peak:

I might post the whole Wip here sooner or later, but for now if you wanna see the rest it's there! ^^ Right now I'm too sick with the flu to go ahead but in a couple of days I might finish it. As for Asuka, she's 90% done, but what's left to do is the worst, being it a very low quality Thai recast. (I've stopped buying them long since, but I still want to finish this one)
Ja ne! ^^