Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally a base for my Angel Asuka! And for Rei too!

Now that I have also the matching Rei, I finally came up with an idea to display them both. Rei comes with a pillar of her own, but Asuka didn't, and my idea of making a sort of marble garden bench just never became true. But Rei's own pillar gave me this idea:

I got this display from a shop that sells aquarium material and I think it suits the girls nicely. Asuka doesn't sit properly unfortunately, since I tried to display her in a manner where her face isn't completely hidden. So she sits on the very edge, fine: what does she have wings for? ^_^ On the opposite, Rei's fit on the new pillar is perfect (she's missing her wings atm because I haven't pinned them yet!).
The nice thing about this is that I can use my spare pillar for a second Asuka, which will be a gift for a friend. For this one though, I have to repaint part of her back and buttocks; I also made in putty some of her small hair locks, so those will have to be repainted again. Rei needs some putty on her buttocks too, because the original pose has changed slightly and so I have to make them, ehm, rounder. I also need to close the original holes meant for pinning, since I drilled a new one (actually, 2, but I only used one so I have to close that too).
Now, the dilemma: should I finish the Asuka Santa first, or these 2? Typical me: I can never finish a project before starting a new one! Poor Morte and the FMP girls are patiently waiting too!


  1. Wow Ilaria, they look great together and I just love the base. Now I am even more leaning towards getting those two. The only thing I was thinking is that maybe Rei should be tiltet a little bit forward, so her right foot touches the stand. I think it would be a little bit more natural, but you don't have to listen to me, its just a thought. Again, I love it. And start on them right away (evil grin) you can work on several models at the same time. Who needs sleep, right?

  2. Thank you guys! I only found these comments today because I didn't get the email notification... weird!
    Annya, yes, Rei is gonna be in the position you mentioned... I didn't notice in the pic she's not that way but she's not very stable there anyway! :P Thanks for your suggestion! ^^

  3. OMG...what a lovely idea sweety!!!!
    I'm sure this dio will be great! Oh...I'm soooo lame to think about dio stuff... ¬¬
    Anyway, good luck dear! Hope to see this work ready soon! ( pressure...hohoho)

  4. Me too, I really want to finish it. Asuka has been ready since last summer, although I had to do some repainr work on her. But Rei, who should have been ready in 2, max 3 days, is really a pain! The fit is terrible and I've been struggling for days to hide the joints... everytime they seem gone, they magically pop up again!
    Maybe this weekend I'll manage to put an end to it! (>.<)


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