Sunday, January 27, 2008

Asuka & Rei Angel WIP - part II

Mgrrrr! Rei is a nightmare! Let's say that, except for the resin which is nice and soft, the cast quality is only a little better than a Thai recast!
Too bad because this would be such an easy model!

Some of the seamlines are in places very hard to reach. Also, since this is a nude, and any connection line will be very visible, I decided to

2)do some putty work on the joints
3)paint over the putty
But the parts fit is terrible, especially at her legs!

It's nothing I can't handle, but it's still rather annoying because I planned on finishing this one in a couple of days, just like Asuka.
Well, at least I already painted face and hair and I quite like the end result!
Pics will follow because I don't have any atm!

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