Saturday, March 10, 2007

My models

Time to post my finished models. I want to make clear that I'm no way as good as some people from the forums I mentioned in my previous entry... but I have fun and I'm learning! ^^

All of my completed models are handrushed but, after few failed trials, I finally got an airbrush I like and I'm slowly learning to use it and to take care of it (it's an Iwata Revolution gravity feed) so my next one is gonna be a mixture of both techniques.

This is Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangelion), one of my fav anime. My first Garage Kit ever, handbrushed with artist acrylics. Her skintone is way too "healthy" for Rei (who is probably an albino) and the whole model completely lacks of shading except for her hair... today I'd do it differently but two years ago I didn't know any better! :P


As anybody could easily guess Misato Katsuragi (again from Evangelion) is my fav character. However this time I had a lot of troubles putting together this model as it was a terrible Thai recast: the material used wasn't resin at all but some very hard and brittle stuff. It took me months to complete because I had a lot of accidents in the process and I had to go back some steps more than once. Pinholes and general surface imperfections didn't help either but I did learn a lot while building it!


3rd model: Asuka Soryou Langley, again from Eva. I really had fun with this one and, although it was again a Thai recast, it was actually of excellent quality. There's a whole story behind this little scene and, although it's not in it, you should watch the anime to understand it. To summarize, Asuka just arrived in Japan from Germany and she's staying at Misato's (hence the boxes). She's reading a magazine because she's on the cover as the 2nd children (yes, "children", not "child")... she's very vain, so she really enjoyes this. Then she puts the magazine down and looks at the photo of Kaji-san because she has a major crush on him. I used this as my entry for the E2046 Winter Contest 2005 in the Diorama cathegory... only I found out later that a diorama is supposed to display at least 2 figures interacting. Oh well, I still like it, although maybe today I would use different colors for her clothes (I used black and red as those are her Eva-02 colors).


Little Memoru (or Memole, in Italian) was done for a dear friend of mine. Although I'm not really into "cute" models I grew fond of this one! ^^
This is probably my best so far and the last one I actually completed as I'm really slow at assembling and painting. I also have the bad habit of starting new models before I complete any, so right now I have several on my workbench at various stage of prepping/painting.

This is it for now... hope to be able to post a new one in a short time since it's almost done! ^^'


  1. kyle1281989-Great Job! Congrats on getting your blog up. I look nice~

  2. I didn't saw this Asuka's kit...
    wow..she's gorgeous! Love all the work you did on the base...She looks very comfortable...And I didn't know that diorama needs more than one figure...heheheh
    Learning with Misato!

    Bye :D

  3. I was looking for a way to contact you, but didn't see one, I wasn't sure if you would see the comments on such an old post. Anyway I have the same Misato kit, although I think mine is real resin, it doesn't not seem very brittle at all. I bought it years ago (maybe 7 or 8) and never put it together. Since then I have become a professional 3D artist, so now I'm using the kit as reference to model it in 3D. If you'd like to see it, this page shows the progress. I think you have to register on the forum to see some of the earlier pictures, but you should not have to for the later ones.
    Misato Katsuragi 3D Model

    You did a good paint job BTW, keep it up!

  4. Hi Phil and thank you for your words. Your Misato looks really interesting and so does your website... I'll take the time to look at it carefully (New Year Eve is not a good time in Italy, we are cooking! LOL!) because I have a feeling I'm gonna love it!
    Thanks for dropping by! ^^


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