Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I finally did it!

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What did I finally do?

Nothing special really, sorry to disappoint you all! I just finally went for a haircut since my hair was begging for it since last November... I'm so lazy sometimes!
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While I was at it I also got back my lilac hairlocks, I'd been missing them!

I obviously took these photos in front of a mirror and I didn't bother to change clothes (I'm not that vain! ^_^) so I'm wearing one of my old workshirts... thing is, everytime I wear one of them I never spill any paint on myself, while I do the few times I paint wearing anything else!

I guess the Murphy's Law is the only constant thing in the Universe (or at least in my life! ^_^).

BTW, I so wish this blog would allow emoticons, it's really a pain to upload them!


  1. Wow you look so beautiful Misato-chan!!!!
    Love that pink hairlocks....


    Btw...I need to have my hair cut sooooo long... ¬¬

  2. Ok, now I'm embarassed! ^^'
    Thank you, you are very sweet!


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