Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chii with Egg Whisk WIP - Part II

Yesterday I needed to take a break from Saber and Sakura, so I decided to start on Chii with Egg Whisk. I did start working on her hair months ago to tell the truth, as it was the only problematic part of the model. If you are interested in seeing how bad it was, you can find it here:

It was like the parts were from different models, so much the fit was bad. It took me hours and hours of different kind of putty and a lot of sanding, to get a result that is not even decent in my book. But I can't let a piece of plastic to ruin my life, right? So I went ahead:

And to my surprise, I almost finished it in only one day! If nothing happens, tonight she'll be ready.. though she's supposed to be part of a diorama I'm planning, involving two more figures and a lot of Re-Ment goodies. Problem is, this diorama is growing in my head by the minute, and as it is I already don't know where to display it! ^_^;

So, this is Chii so far:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WIP: Infect!

This is a commission piece I'm doing. Definitely not a beginner kit, that's for sure!
The ref photo is one I found online... it's an amazing paint-job and I'm trying to get inspired by it somewhat. Of course I know my limits...

So: skin tone painted on both Sakura and Saber. Though I'm not sure if I need to paint Saber's legs in flesh color or not, since in the ref photos she seems to be wearing white stockings. I'm waiting for a word from my customer about it.
This time I tried to use a different skin tone than my usual: I started with the palest I have, Flesh Tone by Americana, added some white and also a little yellow. I got a nice, pale tint!

For the armor, this time I'm using Enamels: first some Model Master Chrome Silver:

Then I shaded it with Burnt Metal:

And then I painted the decorations in Humbrol Gold by brush:

I'm not sure if the fabric parts of her outfit are blue or black.. they seem blue from the ref photos but again, I will let my customer decide.
The rest of the model will be painted with acrylics as usual. The complex base also has some LED lights inside. However, the ones provided are all the same purple, so I substituted one with a red one, that I will place into Berseker head so to give him a red eye. I hope it works out.
The girls' eyes and the blood/whatever-they-are marks on bodies and armor will be painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.
I really hope this will come out alright!

Rei in School Uniform

At the beginning of 2005 my adventure into the Garage Kits world started. Rei laying on Nerv Logo was my first model painted, not so much because I especially liked it, but because I got it at a very good price from Ebay and it wasn't even a Thai Recast.
I ventured so into an art supplies store and I got tubes of acrylic colors and brushes, while the rest of the staff needed at the time was just found around the house (sandpaper, files, pliers...)
This is the result... not much to be happy about, uh?

I never meant to repaint my first work as it was supposed to give me an idea of my progresses in the hobby (if any are made) as a sort of bookmark.
However, at the time I hadn't pinned the parts, and with time the CA glue went brittle and the whole model came apart a few months ago. Having to fix it, I decided to contradict myself and paint it over.
I'm moderately happy with the result, except I hate the fact that the so time-consuming shadings are barely visible because of my poor photographic skills (and the bad weather we are having, which doesn't help when you can't take proper photos anyway!)
So.. here is the new version:

I should add that the Nerv logo is gone because... well, I can't find it anymore! ^_^; I put it somewhere before going to Palinuro for the summer, and now Puff!, it's gone. But it's a good thing, because I like Rei better this way! I do, honest! This is not the fox talking to the grape, ahahah!