This blog exists because...

... at the time it seems like everybody had one or almost. The idea was to have a general diary of my activities but later on it turned pretty much into a modeling blog. And that's ok, because that's the most interesting thing I do right now. Or at least interesting to someone I guess.
So, a few words about this hobby. Garage Kits are so called because at first artists used to work into their garages, where they sculpted and most of the times casted their resin kits themselves. What once used to be a men's hobby (tanks, ships, planes, you name it) today attracts a lot of women too, thanks to subjects like anime and videogames popular characters. It is still a men's world: sculptors are mostly men and that's why the subjects are so... ehr... well endowed to say the least. And girls, of course, heaven forbid to have a well endowed men as a subject for such model kits!
But things are evolving, so we can hope! (^o^)/

I started this hobby in 2005 and I haven't stopped since. The world of GK combines two of my passions: anime/manga and whatever has to do with creativity. And messing up a room, which is always a bonus in my eyes! ^^
I'm a very slow builder because I distract easily and I tend to start too many projects before completing any. I'm also quite accident prone, so I often have to use up my time to patch up previous works ^_^"

So here we go: here you find some of my works, a lot of Work in Progress (WIP for short) and some general ramblings.
Enjoy! \(^o^)/