Sunday, April 29, 2007

Haruka and Mitsuki - another work in progress

Almost done here... started them about a week ago (well, some minor prep-work was done last summer) and it's really amazing that it took me so short!
Here the 2 girls are being tortured for sake of the glueing process:


Left to do are the shoes, small hair pieces, some cleaning and attach them to the base.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My latest Yahoo Japan purchase

Just got this one a few minutes ago:

It's a 1/6 Yuna from Final Fantasy X. I find the pose a little static, but it's the only version I know of her in this outfit. I'm hoping one day to be able to display it together with the gunner version from FF X-2. Isn't her dress something? ^_^

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goth Dressed Devil Girl - Daylight photos

Not much better but... maybe a little bit? Hope the shading is visible enough at least on her legs, since the rest is in shadow!
I have some clean up to do, some dust particles were invisible to my eye but not to the camera's.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Goth Dressed Devil Girl - Part II: Painting

Today I managed for the first time to use my airbrush properly! I always ended up flooding the parts with color but today I managed to mist it as it should be done.

I painted my little "Hearthbreaker"'s skin (you'll find out why I call her that) and I also shaded it. Now, these photos suck because I took them tonight with artificial light and flash (2 big No-no): if I have the time I'll take better ones in daylight tomorrow and you'll see that the skin is not as pinkish and gloss as it looks now.

I used Americana's Mocha as base color and shaded with Createx Transparent Orange. It's the firt time I attempt something like this as so far I always mixed my skin tones and shaded with chalk pastels... however I find that with an airbrush the result is much more subtle... I'm really happy about it!

Too bad I have to strip and redo the skirt: the black came out very nice (higlighted with a very subtle purple) but I messed up the hot-pink frill and so now I'm soaking it in Vanish to attempt to do it again tomorrow.

More to come then...

Monday, April 16, 2007

1/6 Faye Valentine at Hobbyfan

Today we finally reached the 10 requests needed to get this beautiful Faye into production again.

Now she's available for preorders and I wish to thank all the people who helped me to get it recasted again... you guys rock!

Goth Dressed Devil Girl

I need to take a break from Ryoufu since her skirt is driving me insane!! O_o

So I decided to start on a model I've been dying to work on. It's an original character and here is the art she's from:

Of course no way I'm gonna paint this tartan, since I can't even paint a simple one apparently. But I don't care... since this is a very popular model lately, and I got bored to see it looking always the same, I decided I want to go with a different color scheme: it's gonna involve black, purple and hot pink I think.
If it comes out alright I might use this for the Hobbyfanatics contest, so I'm not gonna post any photo over there right now.

So far I'm at the pinning stage; I've also primed some parts and started painting the skirt.
The hardest part to me will be to mod her stockings because I don't have the tools (scribing saws) to do what I want... however I suspect that even with the right tools it wouldn't be too different! :P

I'm hoping to be able to keep the skirt removable, it'd be a nice touch. I tried to apply some magnets I got months ago but it didn't work... I suspect they are way too small since I got the tiniest the shop sells... that or I just couldn't use them properly!
However for the first time it seems I did a good job at pinning, so that might be enough.
We'll see...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some models I'm trying to get through preorders

Hiya! I'm trying to get into production these models and few more requests are needed:
This is a 1/6 scale Asuka I ordered here:

1/6 Faye Valentine from Cawboy Bebop. I requested it for production here:
10 orders are needed and we already have 7... not bad really!

And another 16/ Faye with Ein. This one you can order at
Ordering here is a little different: you have to email them at
with "Cawboy 04" in the subject. Once 20 orders are reached the model goes into production. So far we have 11 or 12 I think... but this is uptdated to a couple of days ago!
In any of these cases you don't have to pay anything before the model is ready for production.
Hope this little "advertisement space" will help the number of preorders needed for them to go up a little! ^_^