Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Memoru Version #2

This is the second time I paint this model as it was, again, a commission, only the first time it was a gift, this time it's a very underpaid job I really need to detox from cuteness now! :-P
I had to rush the job as this is a Xmas present and my customer is coming to pick Memoru up in about... ouch! 15 minutes! I barely had the time to take some shots!
This time I didn't buy it from E because time was an essential factor and we couldn't afford to play the preorders game. so instead I got it locally, paying a lot more and getting a lower quality cast. it wasn't too bad but the flower vines were so brittle it was impossible to sand them without snapping them! :-x Also, now that I finally have clear colors, the flower was cast in white resin. So I decided to go with a pinkish color to meet the taste of a little girl (me, I hate pink!). I also handpainted everything except the flower and Memoru's hair (you can't see the shading unfortunately because I suck at taking photos, but it's the best feature of the model, I think.)All in all I'm not too happy, not too displeased by this work... I only wish I had more time to do a better job.