Friday, February 20, 2009

WIP: Elf Princess - Gold Version

Gold version as I'm planning to also paint a pearl white/silver one. I don't have much of a WIP to show, I can just post the photos of where I am at the moment. Not too much left to do really, but I really want to try to finish Morte before going on with this.

Unfortunately the fit is not that satisfiying, and the worst is her hair: I will have to fill up a huge gap between the top/front and the back of her hair, and then repaint over it... I hate that!
I decided to give her real Swarovski crystals to make her more precious, however I really don't like the Sailor Moon-ish staff that was provided, so I'll try to come up with something of my own... easier to say than to be done.

WIP: Morte by Vispo - Part IV

When I decided to give Morte new dignity and cover up some of her.. ehm.. "charms", I hadn't realized what this would mean about the fit of the parts. So here I am, with her almost done, and her right leg doesn't fit with the rest of her bust since the hollow that was supposed to accommodate the knee doesn't exist anymore. How amateurish of me! The only thing I could come up with to fix this mess was to give her a few extra mm of waist, which meant I had to resculpt some of the frills too. I also had to remade some of the buckles on her boots as they were very fragile and some just broke. Here is the first rough version of it:

You might also be able to spot her new earrings. I also gave her a new hair color since the time of my last wip update. Anyway... when I thought she looked good enough: of my usual disaster happened, so she's now in many pieces waiting for me to fix her. I wonder why these kind of things always happen to me, but in truth I know that the reason is that I'm too messy when I work and this really calls for accidents. Will have to try to do something about it I guess...