Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Asuka Angel WIP- Strike II! (And while we are at it, Chii's hair!)

Here are the photos: I can't believe the first time I managed to put this Asuka together in 3 or 4 days... the joints are driving me crazy! Since this is a naked model, I decided to pre-assemble everything, which is always rather annoying... but at this point it's the best solution I guess. So, here we go:

As usual I used Aves Apoxie putty, bondo and Vallejo grey primer. Paper clips in the joints as pins and 2 parts epoxy glue.

This is a gift for one of my best friends; she isn't into anime though, and knows nothing (and cares nothing) about Evangelion (my blood went cold just typing the sentence... brrr!). So she asked me to give Asuka purple hair and purple eyes. At first I was horrified, but now I'm kinda glad as I hate repainting the same model more than once and this way at least she looks somewhat different (or at least I'm trying to convince myself of it!).

Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried in different settings, I can't get a decent photo of her hair color... I hope I'll be able to get when I take the definitive ones, but so far this is the best I could do, which sucks!

In reality it's much less blue, but oh well!
While waiting for putty and primer to dry, I started working on something else. I know I have plenty of models so close to be finished that the logic thing to do would be to finish them, but hey, logic starts where I end!
So I decided to start assembling Chii's hair... as I said in my previous post, it seems like the parts were not even from the same kit! So I pinned, applied epoxy putty, dremeled, sanded, primed, applied bondo, and then repeated two more times. When I thought I was finally done, one of the two hair parts broke again twice, in spite of pins, two kinds of putty and epoxy glue! I really don't know what else to do, maybe I should have used a stronger pin but at the moment I'm giving it one last shot as it is.
Here you find the photos of only one of the passages I described above:

As said, I've repeated these passages more than once and now I'm about to fix the broken part again, while the other one looks smooth enough (well, not enough yet, but close). I'll try to update as I go...


  1. What a terrible spot to split the hair! Good luck with that!

  2. Terrible, isn't it? LOL!
    I'll see what happens, this is quite an old model and the casting/fit is so so!
    Thank Bob!

  3. mmmh do you use the bondo?? good good
    by MAC

  4. Yep, I love that stuff! Too bad I have to ask somebody from US to send it to me as they don't sell it in Italy and don't ship it oversea (>.<)

  5. The Bondo red spot glazing putty. There are many brands that make similar products. My weapon of choice is in a yellow tube called Nitro Stan. You can only get it in body shops. I bought my tube in 1989 for body work on my 67 Ford, and it's still good!

    I still can't believe you can't find anything similar in Italy. No one fixes dents over there?

  6. Yeah, one would think so. But I hit all the stores in town and couldn't find anything similar: either I found a bi-component type (not interested) or some yellow stuff in a tube, but it was too thick a paste and the result was too grainy. There isn't much DIY culture here about fixing cars I guess, I suppose people just bring their cars to the professionals... I don't know.


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