Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What have I been up to?

There must be a valid reason why I left my poor blog alone for all these months, right?


Not really!

The thing is that when I finally got the spare parts for my airbrush it got so hot over here that I couldn't work at my models at all... really, I'm so glad this terrible summer is finally over!

Plus, I finally bought an apartment and I have masons, plumbers, all kind of workmen to supervise, tiles to choose, paint for the walls to choose... Maybe by the end of the month that will finally be over too... hopefully.

So! I'm finally working on resin again! I'm making another Asuka Angel for a dear friend of mine (but she won't look like Asuka at all once I'm done, since she'll have purple hair and eyes!) and in the spare time between putty and primers I'm trying to fix Chii's hair... a total nightmare, the parts seem to be coming from different models! I wonder why the hair wasn't casted as one piece instead? So much easier if you ask me!

Some totally meaningless photos will follow...

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