Monday, October 1, 2007

Wip: Kaname and Tessa Bontakun

I got stalled again with my Goth Devil Girl, so I decided to start something else. Now, these were supposed to be quite quick builds, but then I decided I didn't like one bit Tessa's chubby face, so I started a complete resculpt!

This is a completely new thing for me and so it's taking time as I'm going by the "mess-it-up-and-try-to-fix-it" method! Right now they look weird and scary (Kaname's lips needed some fixing too!).

Anyway, I have hopes!


  1. it is impressive! how can you model those bodies! great job pls keep on doing it :)

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, but to be honest I have to specify that I didn't sculpt them, if that's what you mean: I paint and assemble the parts and I do some resculpting if I don't like some of the details, or if they are lost/broken... you know...
    Once again thanks for stopping by! ^_^


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