Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally my display cabinet!

So, after long procrastination, because I *hate* going to Ikea, I finally got my display cabinet, the mythological DETOLF almost any modeler in the world has!
Why do I hate going to Ikea? Well, I don't know elsewhere, but here whole families take trips there as if they were going for a nice pic-nic or something. They bring their kiddies who are free to run around and climb on every piece of forniture. So it's really a nightmare, considering I always get migrains in malls under the best circumstances!
So, after a dreadful Sun morning spent in there, and a dreadful Sun afternoon trying to put the pieces together (not easy!), this is what it looks like:

Too bad I don't have room for another next to it, because it's already almost full!


  1. It's nice, isn't it? I waited to have a few models to display before getting it, but now I basically have only the bottom shelf left... I need to make room for at least another one (yeah, right! Not an easy task!)

  2. The very popular Detolf cabinet! Looks great :)
    I must confess my display cabinet comes from Ikea too :p

  3. Yeah, that's another thing we have in common, wherever we are from: are we into modeling? Chances are we have at least one Detolf at home! LOL


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