Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1/8 Fuyuki Miharu

Over a month went by without a single new entry... I'm sooo bad! But in my defense I can say that I've had so many troubles with my internet connection that I was actually unable to write for most part of this month.
Well, at least I'm back with something to show: this is Fuyuki Miharu, a character from "Welcome to Pia Carrot" I'm absolutely not familiar with. I got her from a member of Hobbyfanatics a few months ago because I was totally in love with her green dress and I saw possibilities. I started working on her 3 days ago after I found out my friend Conny was also interested in her at the time I got her, so we had a chat and I suddenly decided I wanted to see her done.
I must say I'm *quite* satisfied, altough there are 2 things I need to work on a lot above all the others (and there's a lot more, believe me): masking and whites! I hate those, both of them! I also still need to improve photography!
Anyway, enough from me!


  1. I love that shade of green.

    Gorgeous job!

  2. Ah, thank you Bob, you are always very supportive!
    Lately I'm having a lot of fun with my models, I'm actually finishing some instead of just piling them up! \(^o^)/


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