Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rei in School Uniform

At the beginning of 2005 my adventure into the Garage Kits world started. Rei laying on Nerv Logo was my first model painted, not so much because I especially liked it, but because I got it at a very good price from Ebay and it wasn't even a Thai Recast.
I ventured so into an art supplies store and I got tubes of acrylic colors and brushes, while the rest of the staff needed at the time was just found around the house (sandpaper, files, pliers...)
This is the result... not much to be happy about, uh?

I never meant to repaint my first work as it was supposed to give me an idea of my progresses in the hobby (if any are made) as a sort of bookmark.
However, at the time I hadn't pinned the parts, and with time the CA glue went brittle and the whole model came apart a few months ago. Having to fix it, I decided to contradict myself and paint it over.
I'm moderately happy with the result, except I hate the fact that the so time-consuming shadings are barely visible because of my poor photographic skills (and the bad weather we are having, which doesn't help when you can't take proper photos anyway!)
So.. here is the new version:

I should add that the Nerv logo is gone because... well, I can't find it anymore! ^_^; I put it somewhere before going to Palinuro for the summer, and now Puff!, it's gone. But it's a good thing, because I like Rei better this way! I do, honest! This is not the fox talking to the grape, ahahah!

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