Thursday, October 22, 2009

WIP: Infect!

This is a commission piece I'm doing. Definitely not a beginner kit, that's for sure!
The ref photo is one I found online... it's an amazing paint-job and I'm trying to get inspired by it somewhat. Of course I know my limits...

So: skin tone painted on both Sakura and Saber. Though I'm not sure if I need to paint Saber's legs in flesh color or not, since in the ref photos she seems to be wearing white stockings. I'm waiting for a word from my customer about it.
This time I tried to use a different skin tone than my usual: I started with the palest I have, Flesh Tone by Americana, added some white and also a little yellow. I got a nice, pale tint!

For the armor, this time I'm using Enamels: first some Model Master Chrome Silver:

Then I shaded it with Burnt Metal:

And then I painted the decorations in Humbrol Gold by brush:

I'm not sure if the fabric parts of her outfit are blue or black.. they seem blue from the ref photos but again, I will let my customer decide.
The rest of the model will be painted with acrylics as usual. The complex base also has some LED lights inside. However, the ones provided are all the same purple, so I substituted one with a red one, that I will place into Berseker head so to give him a red eye. I hope it works out.
The girls' eyes and the blood/whatever-they-are marks on bodies and armor will be painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.
I really hope this will come out alright!


  1. I don't think anything else can be said about this scene but AWESOME! Great work!

  2. Thanks Bob! ^_^
    I'll have some updates soon (need to take the photos)


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