Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some models I'm trying to get through preorders

Hiya! I'm trying to get into production these models and few more requests are needed:
This is a 1/6 scale Asuka I ordered here:

1/6 Faye Valentine from Cawboy Bebop. I requested it for production here:
10 orders are needed and we already have 7... not bad really!

And another 16/ Faye with Ein. This one you can order at
Ordering here is a little different: you have to email them at
with "Cawboy 04" in the subject. Once 20 orders are reached the model goes into production. So far we have 11 or 12 I think... but this is uptdated to a couple of days ago!
In any of these cases you don't have to pay anything before the model is ready for production.
Hope this little "advertisement space" will help the number of preorders needed for them to go up a little! ^_^

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