Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Goth Dressed Devil Girl - Part II: Painting

Today I managed for the first time to use my airbrush properly! I always ended up flooding the parts with color but today I managed to mist it as it should be done.

I painted my little "Hearthbreaker"'s skin (you'll find out why I call her that) and I also shaded it. Now, these photos suck because I took them tonight with artificial light and flash (2 big No-no): if I have the time I'll take better ones in daylight tomorrow and you'll see that the skin is not as pinkish and gloss as it looks now.

I used Americana's Mocha as base color and shaded with Createx Transparent Orange. It's the firt time I attempt something like this as so far I always mixed my skin tones and shaded with chalk pastels... however I find that with an airbrush the result is much more subtle... I'm really happy about it!

Too bad I have to strip and redo the skirt: the black came out very nice (higlighted with a very subtle purple) but I messed up the hot-pink frill and so now I'm soaking it in Vanish to attempt to do it again tomorrow.

More to come then...

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