Monday, April 16, 2007

Goth Dressed Devil Girl

I need to take a break from Ryoufu since her skirt is driving me insane!! O_o

So I decided to start on a model I've been dying to work on. It's an original character and here is the art she's from:

Of course no way I'm gonna paint this tartan, since I can't even paint a simple one apparently. But I don't care... since this is a very popular model lately, and I got bored to see it looking always the same, I decided I want to go with a different color scheme: it's gonna involve black, purple and hot pink I think.
If it comes out alright I might use this for the Hobbyfanatics contest, so I'm not gonna post any photo over there right now.

So far I'm at the pinning stage; I've also primed some parts and started painting the skirt.
The hardest part to me will be to mod her stockings because I don't have the tools (scribing saws) to do what I want... however I suspect that even with the right tools it wouldn't be too different! :P

I'm hoping to be able to keep the skirt removable, it'd be a nice touch. I tried to apply some magnets I got months ago but it didn't work... I suspect they are way too small since I got the tiniest the shop sells... that or I just couldn't use them properly!
However for the first time it seems I did a good job at pinning, so that might be enough.
We'll see...

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