Monday, November 2, 2009

Chii with Egg Whisk WIP - Part III

By the Murphy's law, here it is, the big problem! It's actually my fault for not realizing when I did the dry-fit that, other than the hair, another part had a major problem: her right arm. The arm didn't fit in the socket, a part of it protruded out and so I had to do a lot of grinding. Currently, her arm is covered in putty, hoping I will be able to make it presentable and to recreate at least some of the folds of the fabric.

Otherwise she'd be basically done. Of course her arm will need stripping and repainting... I also need to add some whipped cream around her face and clothes.
I'm especially happy with her face, it's the first time I paint Chobits-eyes and I wasn't sure about how to go for them. But I think they turned out ok.


  1. She looks adorable. I specially love the wisk with cream :D
    Great distraction from Fate kit :lol:

  2. Thanks Annya! ^_^
    Don't you think the cream should be more fluid? When I make whipped cream I like it to be very firm and that's what it looks like when I'm done, but someone said it should be smoother... Mmm...
    Anyway, glad you like her! ^______^ She's done, I just need to take photos but the weather sucks atm!

  3. I think the cream looks perfect :D Don't change it, it looks very real.
    Can't wait to see her final pictures.

  4. Thanks Annya!
    Yes, I can't wait to post them myself, but it's really impossible atm to get some vaguely decent ones! (>.<)

  5. ooh ma che carina chii!!!
    ma quanto sei brava *,*


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