Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shinku with Kun Kun Wip - Stage III

Left to do: legs, Kun Kun, eyes (what you see is just a color test), some touch ups on ribbons and sleeves/hands where some color bled. Assemble it, of course. Since I work at night these photos are taken with flash as usual, so you can't see the shading done on the hair... I'm pretty satisfied about it actually: I was considering adding some chameleon gold to it, but then I decided I like it as it is, maybe with just some more highlight. If everything goes as planned tomorrow she's finished and I should be able to post up some decent photos in 2 days.

The base is another matter: I'd like to try and sit her on a carpet, but that's a little complicated and it will probably have to wait till September.
Well, this is it for now!


  1. Hi Ilaria. I love how Shinku is coming along. Love the colors. I can't wait to see her done.

  2. Thanks Annya, I'm gonna try and finish her tonight if I don't have major accidents! (^_^)

  3. Oh my, so this is your kit!!!
    Geez you're fast!!!!! O.o
    I love her, and I'm sure is a great kit for the contest!!! And I see you're in a Rozen Maiden Model's fever! Hehehehe. I like that one sitting on a lamp (or something like that..) Aniway, your work with aribrush is getting better and better!!!! Hope to se more soon dear!!!!
    Kissu ^^


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