Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rozen Maiden Models

Rozen Maiden is my latest discovery anime-wise, but needless to say I found out about it through Garage Kits. I've just finished watching both seasons plus the OAV and I also gave word to my comic shop guy to start looking for the manga for me (I only have #4 at the moment).
Here are the kits I got so far:

I got these 2 from Yahoo Japan because I couldn't find them as recasts... they cost some $$$ but it was totally worth it! This Suigintou is the most beautiful one around IMO and Shinku is just too cute and peaceful looking. I already started the pinning process on her because I couldn't resist.
To place Rozen Maiden models scale is quite difficult and they are often refered to as non-scale. These 2 are quite large, I'd say a 1/5 scale maybe if they weren't supposed to be dolls. Since they are though, and thus they are smaller than average anime characters, they are then to be considered even bigger. However all this is too complicated, so let's just say they are a very nice size to work with! (^_^);
The followings are recasts I already ordered and paid for (after sorting my credit card problems due to the trip to Spain) but I'll be getting them on September because in a few days I'll be leaving for Palinuro: another Suigintou, sitting on a street-lamp with a real light inside, my fav character Suiseiseki and another Shinku.

This one is still in preorder: there aren't many models of the boyish doll Souseiseki, twin sister of Suiseiseki. This one is nice, although I suspect it's rather small. So I'm on the hunt through YJ to find some more.


Geesh, if I lived to be a hundred and worked on models everyday I couldn't finish all the models I already own, let alone the ones I preoredered... well, it will be my legacy to some lucky one!

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