Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elf Princess Wip: The scepter?

As you know, I'm trying to find a design for a new scepter for my Elf Princess... today I was playing with some sketches, and this is roughly what came out... suitable? Mmm, opinions would be appreciated! ^_^


  1. I like it :D It looks more fairy-like and not Sailor moonish

  2. Wow Ily That's very nice ! \(^_^)/

    I love this kind of customization ! And the design is excellent ! Very original ! :D
    A lot better than the scepter sold with the kit !
    Hugs !

  3. So did you finished your Elf princess Ily ?
    I can't wait to see the final pictures ! :D
    Hugs !

  4. Well... I'm painting the skirt and after that all there is left is to fill the gap between the hair-parts. But I still don't know what to do about the scepter! *blushes*
    I've finished Morte though... I only need to take some photos but we are having days of bad weather and so I haven't done it yet!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Hugs! ^_^

  5. Yeah for the Morte Ily ! I'm waiting for the final shots now !

    What is your next project after the morte and the Princess ?

    Hugz ! :D

  6. Thank you! ^_______________^
    Well, I do have a few things at different stages but I got a commission for a very complicated model (Kurosakura and Dark Saber infected) so I will have to really concentrate on that. And maybe keep working on that Asuka
    -> Nana conversion... If I can get the hair right it's pretty much done. Today I got some plasticard to make an amply to go with it! ^^

  7. Wonderful wand, it suits your elf princess very well! =)

  8. Thank you Gio! I bought some different plasticard to play with and see what I can do with it, but I think I'll keep this design!
    Nice to have you here! ^_-

  9. You're very welcome Mi-chan! ^_^
    Yup, the design is already cool, the stone you placed in the center is great! =)
    What about adding some gloss paint where the plastic meet the stick?

  10. Oh but I'll do something about it for sure: what you see right now is just some epoxy putty slapped there to keep the parts in place, but it needs a lot of work and refining.
    Thanks for the precious suggestion! *hug*


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