Friday, February 20, 2009

WIP: Elf Princess - Gold Version

Gold version as I'm planning to also paint a pearl white/silver one. I don't have much of a WIP to show, I can just post the photos of where I am at the moment. Not too much left to do really, but I really want to try to finish Morte before going on with this.

Unfortunately the fit is not that satisfiying, and the worst is her hair: I will have to fill up a huge gap between the top/front and the back of her hair, and then repaint over it... I hate that!
I decided to give her real Swarovski crystals to make her more precious, however I really don't like the Sailor Moon-ish staff that was provided, so I'll try to come up with something of my own... easier to say than to be done.


  1. OOOOh, she looks great. Your snick pick did not do her justice. Good luck on the scepter :D

  2. Thank you Annya! *sends kisses*

  3. this one's fantastic... *.*
    i'm in love with her i think *.*...
    when i'm rich and famouse (yeaaaah... XD), i'll ask you to do one like that for me but with brownish hair xD meooow :*

  4. Meow to you sweetie! I'll be glad to paint one for you any way you like her! I also have a second one which will be painted in pearl-white and silver with black hair and green eyes (this one's were supposed to be blue but I painted them lilac at the very last moment!
    Hugzzzzzz! ^______^

  5. oohhh *.* i'll wait impatiently for the new one *.* pearl white and silver *____* for the eyes.. since i love green more than violet i'd prefer green XD but it's just a de gustibus disputandum thing.. i'm sure if you chose lilac then it's a good choice.. (ricordati le fotine pero eh eh eh eh xD)
    meoooow! ^^ hugs back to you and your cat! ^^

  6. misaaaa you're an artist! also with your bentos *____*

  7. Ahah, no I'm not! But thanks! Love you! ^__________^

  8. my little big staaar!!!!!
    che sappi che mi è dispiaciuto tanto non poter venire anch'io al raduno e poter stringere te e caro e le altre ragazze!!!!
    ho letto che vi siete divertite e ho visto le fotineee yayy!!! che bedda ila! ^^
    devi assolutamente farti un msn o ritornare su skype o cosi, da poter chiacchierare un po' che mi manchi!!!
    prendo ancora l'occasione per ringraziarti per il bellissimissimo regalo cat-oso che mi hai fatto, insieme alle altre cose!!!
    TVB ilachan!!! un bacione! :*

  9. Diana-chan, sapessi quanto ti abbiamo pensata! Abbiamo coccolato Rugosa fingendo fossi tu e stiamo già progettando un tuo prossimo rapimento. Per rendertelo pù comodo ti consiglio di preparare la valigia prima! Ahah!
    Ti voglio bene anche io, micetta... il giorno verrà, abbi fede!


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