Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wip: Asuka Angel Version

This is a very simple kit from certain points of view, but a little complicated from others: while it doesn't have a frilled dress or many complicated hair parts, the fact that it is a nude makes it harder to hide gaps (and there were quite a few and nicely sized too!). So I decided to pre-assemble the body and then paint it, which is something I've never done before. While I was at it I also decided to give her a more rounded head as it looked a little flat, and also a hair partition line.
Doing so of course it became quite hard to reach certain areas to sand them. Well, a girl can't have everything, can she?

Painting her eyes was also a little tricky as her legs were in the way! (^_^);;
Back view: I quite like the shading along her backbone and... well... her butt! (^_^);;;;
Since I don't have a proper setting for photos here in Palinuro (and even if I did you wouldn't be noticing the difference!) I took them with and without flash to show better some details.

I have a base in mind for her which involves a bench and some leds but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. However this, just as Shinku's one, will have to wait for September as I don't have the proper materials and shops here.
More to come, I'm currently shading her wings.


  1. Nice work. I figured most people would've altered this figure because she is very nude.

    Great paints!

  2. A naked Asuka!!! WOO-WHOO! LOL

  3. Well, I did consider sculpting some panties, but an angel in panties just doesn't sound right... so I decided that the definitive photos simply won't show how anatomically correct she is (which is not much, btw... just a little more than a Barbie doll! :P )

  4. I can see you've been busy! :D
    Asuka looks great, love the colors in the daylight!

  5. Hi sweety!!!!
    Oh my.....this Asuka is soooo beautiful!!!!
    You said something about her eyes....her legs were in the way...this kit is one piece right????I mean, you must to assemble it first. This makes the building process more difficult. But your work is just great! Nobody can see were her legs and amrs join. I've seen this kit on ebay (propably a thai cast, but I'm used to work with it...) and now I want to get this one!!!!! Your fault.. ¬¬ heheheheheh

  6. Hey honey, thanks so much for your nice words! Yes, you read correctly, I did assemble the body prior to painting... but then my hand was at a wrong angle to paint her left eye! I'm happy about the result anyway (again there's no black in the iris, only darker blue). Yeah, do get this Asuka too, I'm curious to see what you do with her! But don't get a thai if you want an advice... on e2046 she's only $25.90 and the quality is nice! I got mine from serenarakel, but she got hers there.
    Kiss dear! ^_-


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